Digital Phone Systems

business_phoneIt’s time to custom fit your business with a digital phone system from Lemonov, LLC that is ready to expand alongside your business as it grows.

Going digital provides you with an enterprise level phone system, offering near limitless features and customizations that work FOR you behind the scenes. Features include conference calling, IVR, call forwarding, caller ID, email notifications and paging; just to name a few. Since, our PBX (phone system) is expandable from 1 phone to 250 phone scenarios; its never too early or late to upgrade your business with the most widely used form of communication. You play a key role in determining how your system will benefit you best; which allow your system to be structured around your business and not the other way around.

business_phonesThis phone system is surprisingly cost effective and in many scenarios, pay for itself in monthly savings within the first year of service. It runs on top of your data network, which eliminates the need for extra cable infrastructure. Simplicity and integrated auto attendants allow you to reduce administration. Cut these hidden costs without sacrificing performance or service.

All phone system installs are backed with a one year warranty on all hardware we provide and 1 year of free support to ensure you are more than satisfied! Your business is unique; suit it up with a unique interaction to the outside world.

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