Digital Archiving

Document-ScannerYour business’ data is essential to its continuation, security and functionality. But, don’t let your office be overrun by unorganized mountains of paper. Archive your mass of paper data into manageable digital files and re-task your valuable office space for more functional uses!

Digitally scanning your paper assets protects them from fire, theft, wear, the possibility of being lost and any other potentially devastating circumstance. Indexed and searchable files based on your criteria sever time spent searching and supply more time to reference and transfer documents, exposing your documents true value. The ability to back up your digital files creates nearly indestructible data.

documents-archivingSecurity and preservation of your sensitive data is always the pinnacle of our priority list. From secure fire safe storage facilities to delicate transport methods, we ensure your documents are provided the utmost care.

Open communication and organized work ethics allow us to quickly provide you with any documentation in our care you may need to reference. This keeps your archiving processes undisruptive to your daily business cycle.

Our mobile scanning unit is available for dispatch in the presence of vitally sensitive data, such as medical records. We set up shop in available space provide by you for the duration of the archiving process. This minimizes transport risks and offers you the option of monitoring our process. We are more than willing to work with you to accommodate any situation…after all; archiving is supposed to simplify your life!

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