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Support for Networked Components

Lemonov has served the technology needs for many Healthcare, Dental and Orthodontic practices.  In addition to our basic helpdesk support, we have the knowledge and understanding to help facilitate the integration of your major networked components such as panoramic X-Rays, Intraoral cameras and tablets, to name a few. We also have extensive experience with many practice and patient management applications.

As your IT partner, Lemonov is prepared to assist you with all your business goals and needs.  Lemonov would like to serve as your all-inclusive technological asset throughout your business process including ongoing support, office expansion, relocation or completely building a turn-key network from the ground up.

Walk through of a new dental facility with a comprehensive technology installation and integration.

Your practice “On Demand”

Lemonov provides its clients with “On Demand” access and control as well as added performance and competitive advantages through technology. Lemonov is specialized with integrating this technology tailored to your business structure.


The most obvious and common technology must-have is a fully integrated and networked office. Although this may seem too obvious to mention, the efficiency and integrity of your network are equally as important.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Is your critical data safe and secure?
  • Is there a failsafe in place in the event of data loss?
  • Are all of your networked devices actually part of your network (for example, printers)?
  • Are you protected from outside attacks like viruses?

A durable and stable network is a key foundation for your practices’ current efficiency and future scalability. Let Lemonov provide you with a free evaluation to determine what factors are hindering your practices’ full potential.


We live in a day where cool new gadgets and technological advancements are extremely common, all of which are at your disposal. With the use of these advancements, we can make your practice shine with modern radiance.

For example, Pediatricians and Pediatric Dentists enjoy the calm that sweeps a waiting room or sedation area in the presence of a networked TV displaying a Disney movie, WIFI bar or a game console kiosk.

Launch your practice ahead of the others by transforming a “trip to the doctor” into an experience your patients are sure to talk about.

xray-integrationDigital imaging has moved to the foreground as an essential tool for Medical and Dental practices alike. Supplying all necessary data infrastructure and equipped with the knowledge of many imaging software platforms and brands; Lemonov will resolve every aspect of the integration process. Working side by side with your equipment representative and software manufacturer, Lemonov provides a seamless integration adding a new imaging device or relocating an existing device.
intraoral-technologyLemonov provides complete customizable integration of intraoral X-rays, sensors and cameras by networking imaging devices and extending the device and sensor locations; truly customizing your practice design. We integrate and support all major brands of devices and imaging software.
intraoral-technologyLemonov strives to offer your business or practice all the conveniences today’s technology provides. Optimize your production while simultaneously protecting your data with a non-maintenance backup solution. This solution provides redundant data loss protection from hardware malfunction, fire, water and shock damage. This solution requires no changing or swapping of hard drives or other companents. The associated scheduling software allows for “Set it and forget it” deployment and usage, only requiring occasional proactive monitoring. Your company data and patient information is a priceless commodity that deserves above adequate protection.
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